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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 14:06
von Patrick | 382 Beiträge

Marshall Amps @MarshallAmpsUK

Rest in peace, Status Quo's Rick Parfitt. You will be greatly missed.

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 14:21
von Michael | 3.446 Beiträge

Label LOOK54 aus Berlin, also das Label wo Rick u.a. seine "Hauptstadtrocker" Klamotten gekauft hat:

Heute hat sich einer der liebsten, langjährigsten und größten Freunde unseres Labels in den Rock 'n' Roll Himmel aufgemacht. Wir sind sehr sehr traurig und wünschen Rick eine gute Reise nach oben.

R.I.P. Rick Parfitt (Status Quo)

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 16:12
von Bernd | 1.137 Beiträge

Rick wird überall gewürdigt, bei uns in der Lokalzeitung steht eine ganze halbe Seite über den Rocker --- nur in der BILD geht er unter, eine ganze Seite George Michael und auf dieser Seite eine einzige Zeile über Rick und da auch noch Todesdatum falsch angegeben, 23.12., statt 24.12., armselig, Schmierenjournalismus bei denen ... jedes andere Blatt ist besser .... toll dass Rick anderswo und im Internet so sehr gewürdigt wird ... und bin gespannt, ob 17.10 und 22.20 im ZDF in den Sendungen heute noch was eingebaut wird. ...

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 16:32
von quolion | 499 Beiträge

Das ist irgendwie Schicksal für die gesamte Karriere von Status Quo. Selbst nach Rick's Tod kommt kurze Zeit später George Michael "um die Ecke" und rückt Ricks verdiente Aufmerksamkeit komplett in den Hintergrund... Schade, Rick hätte mehr Anerkennung verdient!

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 16:41
von Michael | 3.446 Beiträge

....finde es bis jetzt großartig.

Auf Beiträge von BILD, Markus Lanz & Co. kann ich gerne verzichten. Da steckt eh kein Herzblut dahinter sondern nur reiner Journalismus.

Da lobe ich mir lieber die ehrlichen Beiträge von Wegbegleitern und Mitgliedern der Bands Slade, Smokie, Motörhead und und und....

Diese ehrlichen und teilweise herzzereissenden Beiträge werde ich bald in einer extra Homepage verewigen, so dass sie niemals verloren gehen.


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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 16:54
von Merlin | 421 Beiträge

Eddie Trunk (US-Amerikanischer Radio und TV Moderator) :

The shit year for rock deaths is not done with us yet. RIP Rick Parfitt @Status_Quo . A major band in the U.K.

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 16:58
von musiktruhe | 7.216 Beiträge

Zum Beispiel das was Airbourne geschrieben haben war so auf den Punkt.

Der Gitarrist von Dr. Feelgood Steve Walwyn hat sich auch sehr postiv und getroffen geäussert.
Wer braucht da schon Markus Lanz.

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 17:08
von Michael | 3.446 Beiträge

....kannst du das mit Steve Walwyn hier rein setzen? Danke.

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 18:10
von Quo77 | 233 Beiträge

Richie Malone:

Well what a year it's been.. some incredible highs and incredible lows. I Still can't believe the "Wild old Man of Rock n Roll" Rick Parfitt has passed away.

Who would of taught that all them years ago when I first got into Status Quo and in particular Rick -that I would end up many years later in the band filling in for Rick while he recovered.
This year has of course been truly amazing for me while on tour with Quo and now my idol has passed away.
Hard to believe considering he only rang me a few weeks ago and we had a great chat- he was in top form and cracking jokes as always.

So many amazing memories from over the years meeting Rick and travelling to gigs, he was a hell-raiser a joker and a gentleman. I was very privileged that he took a liking to me all them years ago and as you can see in the video he always kept an interest in my playing.

I'm very honoured to have had his blessing while stepping into Quo, he was very proud and and said to keep up the good work.

Rick I hope you are having the party of a life time up there with the rest of the legends that have passed away in 2016.
Thanks for the memories and an awesome body of work left behind.

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 19:36
von musiktruhe | 7.216 Beiträge

Steve Walwyn ist seit etwa 1989 Gitarrist bei Dr. Feelgood und hat circa 1980 bei der NWOBHM Band Chevy mitgespielt.

Steve Walwyn
24. Dezember um 21:34 · 
Among the first 'big' gigs I went to as a teenager was Status Quo, at Coventry Theatre in December 1974. They were brilliant; I had all their early albums (still got the vinyl!) and they took the roof off that night. Many years later I got to share the bill with them on 3 occasions, in Belgium, Switzerland and Wales. Really saddened by today's news....Rick Parfitt was a hugely under-rated guitar player in my opinion, with a phenomenal rhythm technique, and he wrote some great songs too....RIP Mr.Rick Parfitt.....

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 21:28
von Quo77 | 233 Beiträge

Ein bisserl lang......

A message from Alan Parker, the director of the Hello movie

When 'Monty Python: Almost The Truth - The Lawyers Cut' was released in late 2009, first in cinemas, and later on Blu-Ray/DVD we sat back and watched the rave reviews come in.... We heard it got nominated for an EMMY award and basked in the sunshine of a hit movie.... We did a few interviews, patted each other on the back, and (not unlike many a rock band that has just released a hit album) we fell for all the hype big time, you just do.... "You'll never be short of work again!" - Same guy wasn't even taking phone calls or answering emails within a week!! "This is the proof that you are great film makers, call me?" - I did, three times the following week, I'm still waiting for a call back seven years later, and counting!!
There were a few ideas floating around, a number of bands who looked like they'd be perfect for the next movie, a couple of offers that weren't worth the paper they were written on.... A live DVD here.... A documentary on a band that meant nothing, with little or no story over there! Pointless barely covered it....
Status Quo had first popped into my life at school, an ad for Levis jeans which a local shop named Norman Taylor's (right across the road from our school) had plastered across their windows, led me to buying 'Blue For You'.... I loved the album... 'Whatever You Want' followed, largely because the cover fascinated me, still does if I'm honest, and what was the penguin in suspenders all about? Francis told me he'd let me in on the secret one day in Brighton, while we were filming, but he never did.... Also, one year for my birthday my Dad bought me 'Twelve Gold Bars' which I played until you couldn't play it anymore.... We grew up in denim, so as a rock band they were obvious....
On December 3rd 2010, over one year after the release of the Python movie (and still no nearer to the next big thing film wise or life wise) I was in Blackburn, Lancashire visiting my Mum... I got a call from my wing-man Jon McCaughey, "Was I going to the Quo gig?" they were playing King Georges Hall in Blackburn that night.... I phoned their management, organised a guest list and met Jon in town.... We were on the front row of the balcony, right in the middle, arguably the best seats in the house.... They opened with 'Caroline', the lights went down and the place went mental.... Me and Jon exchanged a glance, one of those 'fuck me, are you thinking what I'm thinking' glances.... I left my seat and rang Alexa Morris, by now my Producer/Business Partner, in London.... "QUO! Yeah, Quo! - The story, their story!! QUO!".... Something along those lines.... We agreed it had legs.... Long legs, that would go somewhere... We laughed, we normally do laugh, it seems to silently seal things...
As the year turned into 2011 talks began in various London establishments with the groups management, and with various investors.... In either May or June, though I'm pretty sure May of 2011 we were invited to Shepperton Film Studios where the group were making promo videos for two songs from their new album 'Quid Pro Quo'.... An album I really loved.... We met the group that day too, and talked through a few ideas about the movie, and how it would run.... When the videos for the two songs were released we looked for ourselves in them (course we weren't there, the road crew were, but you would look wouldn't you?) the album was released via Tesco or 'Tesquo' if you lived near one of the bigger stores, at the time we did, so we went there on release day to get the album with the free live CD.... It was funny seeing many Quo fans there, and thinking we know something you don't.... But our lips were sealed....
Shooting began on the movie (now titled 'Hello Quo' - well, why not?) in August 2011, our first interview was John Coghlan at The Covent Garden Hotel... We'd hit the ground running, Spud had some great stories and we were away.... What followed included many London locations, a trip to Spain (you guessed that) a few trips out to the country side and a whirlwind visit to Los Angeles (including a taxi trip to Jeff Lynn's place that one day would have to be included in any book we ever did about A Geezer & A Blonde Productions.... I can still cry laughing just thinking about it!).... That years Quo tour saw us in Liverpool, yes we were on stage, a few of you spotted us (even though no announcement had been made about a movie yet!!), we should have been in Nottingham, but a rare bug picked up by our Producer clashed with Rick's general health (a mid tour heart attack, but never missed a show! Trooper barely covers it!) meant it was better we miss that one.... We were in Bournemouth, where a fan saw me walking past with my AAA pass and asked if I had any spare plectrums.... "I'm not a roadie".... Blank look.... Alan walks on.... Tumbleweed! Brighton was cool, watching all the Quo fans gather in the boozer across from Francis' dressing room window....
And, of course, London.... Backstage in the afternoon at The O2 Arena Rick got me to give up one of my wool skull hats, I bought three in LA, but I now own just two... "I love them" he told me.... "You want one?" I asked, his face lit up.... We talked most of the afternoon away in his dressing room, he passed over some photos that found there way into the movie.... It was a laugh, though not quite in the same league as when we went back to the holiday camp with him and The Harrison Twins, following filming, which most of you will have seen on the DVD/Blu-Ray extras, we went to the bar for a beer, there was a rock n' roll revival thing on.... Following a few drinks, we (Rick, Alexa and myself) got talking to a table full of women about.... Wait for it.... How to make the perfect cup of tea!! I kid you not, it got so funny that Alexa started filming it on her phone.... As Rick might say; "You couldn't invent it!"
The crowning glory, of course, was a very cold morning at Shepperton Film Studios, where on the original sound stage belonging to The Who, and in front of an audience so intimate it barely numbered 35 of us (both film crew and band crew included) the original Frantic Four, the version of Quo the fans had wanted to see play since they nailed Christ up, jammed for roughly 45 minutes... The cameras captured everything, and again it's all part of the DVD/Blu-Ray extras.... We then posed for various photos, though we were told to say nothing to nobody.... And keep the pictures a very private affair until the time was right.... So much so that when Classic Rock Magazine printed the picture of the five of us 'The Frantic Five' as my mates in Soho call it.... I got a phone call from Colin Dobson to see why I'd held out on him for so long.... Of course I hadn't, but it was all like being in MI5 at that point.... And on top of all that, my brother David Parker designed the poster, it was all one big dream!
While we were doing final colour mix and sound grade on the movie at Prime Focus in Soho, my phone rang one morning, it was Rick (he'd just seen a rough cut) "Fuck mate, it's good, it's got everything and the kitchen sink in it.... And Nuff.... And Spud.... Hell, we pulled it off!".... He was right we had pulled it off, but I wasn't ready to celebrate just yet I wanted an expert opinion, I called Dave Ling from Classic Rock Magazine to pop over to the studio and see it.... Dave became the first person outside of our team and the Quo camp to see the finished movie, when he said he enjoyed it I knew we had a home run on our hands....
I was in a West End Theatre watching 'This House' on Christmas Eve afternoon when I got a text message from Alexa at the interval - I called her... Rick was dead.... Rick, the one made of rubber, the one who always bounces back, was no longer with us.... I bought a scotch & coke, and sat in my box sipping on it and crying through the second half of the play... My phone was full of messages when I turned it back on at the end of the performance.... It barely stopped ringing between 6pm and 7.30pm that night.... An era is over, a full stop in the way of any progress, and one of our best rockers is no more.... As I finish writing this Alexa just texted me Carrie Fisher is dead.... I queued in the rain to see 'Star Wars' when I was 12, but that's another story for a different day.... For now the blonde one in the denim, with the white guitar from the movie that I will be eternally proud of is gone.... RIP Ricky I thank you for letting us into your world and I miss you man.... You were one of the good guys....

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 23:30
von Klemmi_71 | 66 Beiträge

Prince Charles auf Twitter 26.12.16

Bowie, Rickman, Wogan, Corbett, Wood, Prince, Parfitt, and now George Michael.
Could someone tell the Grim Reaper he's using the wrong list.

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 27.12.2016 23:56
von Merlin | 421 Beiträge

Nicht böse sein

Das ist kein offz. Twitter Account von Prince Charles......sondern Fake Account

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 28.12.2016 00:02
von Klemmi_71 | 66 Beiträge

Haste wohl Recht!

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RE: Tribute von Kollegen

in Rick Parfitt 28.12.2016 00:19
von quolion | 499 Beiträge

Damon Hill
Oh no. Condolences to the Parfitt family. #StausQuo

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